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Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in OTC medicines are what make that product treat your symptoms. There are many different active ingredients and we have gathered information about some of the most common. Click on each ingredient below to find out what each active ingredient does and what you need to know for its safe use. Remember, you should always read the Drug Facts label before you use or give any OTC medicine.

Ingredient Related Treatments
Acetaminophen Pain Relief and Fever Reduction
Aluminum Hydroxide Heartburn Relief
Aspirin Pain Relief and Fever Reduction
Benzocaine Oral Discomfort Treatment, Vaginal Itch Relief, Hemorrhoid Treatment, and External Pain Relief
Bisacodyl Constipation Relief
Bismuth Subsalicylate Heartburn, Upset Stomach, and Diarrhea Relief
Cetirizine Allergy Relief
Chlorpheniramine Allergy Relief
Cimetidine Heartburn Relief
Dextromethorphan Cough Relief
Diphenhydramine Allergy Relief, Sleep Aid, and Skin Treatment
Doxylamine Allergy Relief and Sleep Aid
Famotidine Heartburn Relief
Fluoride Cavity Prevention
Guaifenesin Chest Congestion Relief
Hydrocortisone Skin Irritation, Redness, and Itch Relief
Ibuprofen Pain Relief and Fever Reduction
Levonorgestrel Emergency Contraception
Loperamide Diarrhea Relief
Loratadine Allergy Relief
Methyl Salicylate External Pain Relief
Naproxen Sodium Pain Relief and Fever Reduction
Nicotine and Nicotine Polacrilex Stop Smoking Aids
Nonoxynol-9 Pregnancy Prevention
Omeprazole Heartburn Relief
Orlistat Weight Loss Aids
Phenylephrine Nasal Decongestant and Hemorrhoid Treatment
Pseudoephedrine Nasal Decongestant
Psyllium Laxative
Ranitidine Heartburn Relief
Sodium Bicarbonate Heartburn Relief

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